English Thoughts

English Thoughts

Advancement Is Impossible without change

What’s more, the individuals who can’t change their

Brains can’t transform anything

A Father and his Daughter were playing in the park.His youthful girl detected an apple vendor.She requested that her dad get her an apple.Father didn’t carry a lot of cash with him,but it was sufficient to buy two apple.So,he purchased two apples and gave his little girl.

His little girl held one apple each in her two hands.Then a dad inquired as to whether she can impart one apple to him.Upon hearing this, his little girl rapidly took a chomp from one apple. Furthermore, before her dad could speak,she likewise took a chomp from the second apple.

A Father was surprised.He pondered what botch he made bringing up her girl that she acted in such a ravenous way.His mind was lost in thoughts,that maybe he is simply thinking too much,his little girl is too youthful to even think about understanding about sharing and giving. A grin had vanished from his face.

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