All Fastivel Day List of India

All Fastivel Day List of India

Day we have celebrated as Fastivel 


★ New Year’s Day – 1st January
★ Day of Silence- 3rd January
★ NRI Day- 9th January
★ Laughing Day – 10th January
★ National Youth Day- 12th January
★ Army day- 15th January
★ National Voter’s Day – 25th January
★ Indian Republic Day – 26th January
★ Martyr’s Day- 30th January
★ Street Children’s Day – 31st January


★ National Girl Day -2nd February
★ World Cancer Day -4th February
★ Valentine’s Day –14th February
★ National Science Day –28th February
Bagels and Lox Day – February 9
Pizza Pie Day – February 9
Teddy Day – February 10
Promise Day – February 11
Kiss Day – February 12
Hug Day – February 13
• Valentine’s Day – February 14


★ International Women’s Day – 8th March
★ No Smoking Day-13th March
★  Disable Day of World  – 15th March
★ World Consumer Rights Day – 15th March
★ Saint Patrick’s Day – 17th March
★ World Water Day – 22nd March
★  TB Day of World – 24th March


★ Fools’ Day- 1st April
★ World Health Day- 7th April
★ World Parkinson’s Disease Day-11th April
★ World Hemophilia Day-17th April
★ World Heritage Day- 18th April
★ National Civil Service Day- 21st April
★ Earth Day- 22nd April
★ World Malaria Day- 25th April


★ May Day-1st May
★ World Press Freedom Day-3rd May
★ World Red Cross Day- 8th May
★ National Technology Day- 11th May
★ Mother’s Day- Second Sunday
★ International Nursing Day-12th May
★ Telecommunication Day-17th May
★ International Day for Biological Diversity-22nd May
★ Commonwealth Day- 24th May
★ World No-Tobacco Day-31st May


★ International Children’s Day- 1st June
★ World Environment Day-5th June
★ World Blood Donor Day- 14th June
★ Father’s Day- 18th June
★ World Refugee Day- 20th June
★ International Yoga Day- 21st June
★ World Music Day-21st June
★ International Olympic Day-23rd June
★ International Anti – Drugs Day, International Day against Drug Abuse and illicit trafficking-26th June


★ Doctor’s Day-1st July
★ Independence Day in U.S-4th July
★ World Population Day-11th July
★ Kargil Vijay Divas-26th July


★ World Breast Feeding Day- 1st August
★ International FriendshipDay-3rd August
★ Left Hander’s Day-13th August
★ Indian Independence Day –15th August
★ World Photography Day-19th August
★ World Mosquito Day-20th August
★ Sanskrit Day-24th August
★ Women’s Equality Day-26th August
★ National Sports Day-29th August


★ Teacher’s Day-5th September
★ World Literacy Day-8th September
★ Hindi Day-14th September
★ International Day of Democracy-15th September
★ Engineers Day-15th September
★ International Day of the Preservation of the Ozone Layer-16th September
★ International Day of Peace-21st September
★ World Alzheimer’s Day-21st September
★ World Tourism Day-27th September
★ World Heart Day-29th September


★ Mahatma Gandhi Birthday/International nonviolence day-2nd October
★ World Animal Welfare Day –4th October
★ Indian Air force Day- 8th October
★ World Post Day- 9th October
★ National Post Day- 10th October
★ World Mental Health Day- 10th October
★ International Day of the Girl Child- 11th October
★ World Food Day-16th October
★ United Nation’s Day – 24th October


★ Education Day (India) – 11th November
★ Children’s Day (India) – 14th November
★ World Diabetes Day-14th November
★ International Student’s Day- 17th November
★ Citizen’s Day- 19th November
★ Universal Children’s Day- 20th November
★ World Television Day- 21st November


★ World AIDS Day – 1st December
★ World Handicapped Day- 3rd December
★ Navy Day- 4th December
★ International Volunteer Day- 5th December
★ Human Rights Day- 10th December
★ Farmer’s Day (Kishan Divas) – 23rd December
★ National Consumer Day – 24th December
★ Christmas Eve – 24th December
★ Christmas Day –25th December
★ Boxing Day-26th December

All Above Fastivel Day List of India


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